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REACH Trust is a Malawian multi-disciplinary research NGO registered as a Trust in 2005 under the Trustees
act. Before registering as a Trust, REACH was born out of long established research collaboration between
the Malawian National TB Control Programme, the Department of Sociology at the University of Malawi
and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, UK which started in 1999 until 2005.

This collaboration was funded by the Department for International Development (DFID) as the
‘TB Equity Project’
and later as the TB Knowledge programme with a focus on conducting
health research.

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Our vision is to have Malawians mostly the vulnerable, poor and marginalized populations
accessing quality health care

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Our mission is to be centre of excellence for multidisciplinary health research that generates
evidence; advocates for the development of inclusive health policies;
a health child makes a happy family
Are policy formulations in Malawi open and consultative?

Policy analysis of Integrated Community Case Management of childhood illness (ICCM):

Malawi’s critical shortage in human resource for health is a national concern. The HRH crisis
affects health service delivery negatively with poor health indicators like neonatal, infant and
child mortality rates. Upon observing lack of improvement in child mortality rates and the
likelihood of not meeting MDGs 4 and 5 the need of task shifting became apparent and
policies were developed to address the situation.

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TB patient clubs making a difference: Mr DEBWE shares his story on how the TB patient club saved his life

In July, 2011, Malawi adopted Option B+, a test and treat approach for the Prevention
of Mother - to - Child -Transmission of HIV (PMTCT). However, Ministry of Health
did not provide detailed guidance for integration to effectively implement the
new approach to PMTCT into existing health services delivery systems.

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Reach, Treat, Cure Everyone”
a continuation from the previous year’s
“Reach the 3 million”.

 The world commemorates WSTBD annually to provide an opportunity to create
awareness among the general public as well as policy makers on the dangers
of the disease and what they can collectively do to reduce its burden.

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REACH Trust believes in building capacity and health quality research that generates
evidence advocates for the development of inclusive health policies and practices
promoting equity in access to health care, mostly for the vulnerable, poor
and marginalized populations in Malawi

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