Vision and Mission Statements
Our Vision
Is to have Malawians mostly the vulnerable, poor and marginalized populations  accessing quality health care, based on homegrown policies and practices informed by robust scientific evidence.

Our Mission Statement
A centre of excellence for multidisciplinary health research that generates evidence; advocates for the development of inclusive health policies; and practices in promoting equity in access to health care, mostly for the vulnerable, poor and marginalized populations in Malawi.   

Core Values
As REACH Trust we believe in and uphold the following values:

People Values:
  • Commitment - REACH Trust is dedicated to its goals as such we shall endeavour to have staff that are efficient and hard working. The Trust shall create an environment that is conducive for a workforce that is motivated.
  • Innovation - REACH Trust believes in promoting new approaches to improve equitable access to and delivery of health care services.
  • Integrity - We believe in honesty, transparency and accountability in all aspects of our work.
Work Values:
  • Professionalism - Adherence to high standards in the carrying out our work.
  • People focused - The work that we do will benefit the people, particularly the poor, the vulnerable and the marginalised. 
  • Ethics - Adhering to ethical principles in the conduct of our research