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Founded in 2005, REACH Trust is a distinguished multidisciplinary research non-governmental organization (NGO) in Malawi. Our origins trace back to a robust collaboration between the Malawian National TB Control Programme, the University of Malawi's Department of Sociology, and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.

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Our Core Values

Foundations of Our Work

The core principles supporting our initiatives and endeavors are integral to our operations.
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Our Mission

To create a center of excellence for multidisciplinary health research that generates evidence, advocates for the development of inclusive health policies, and promotes equity in access to health care, mostly for the vulnerable, poor, and marginalized populations in Malawi.
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Partnerships and Funding

REACH Trust collaborates with a wide range of partners, including government agencies, academic institutions, non-governmental organizations, and international donors.
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Research Focus

At REACH Trust, we specialize in operational and implementation research, employing qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods. Our research spans critical areas such as maternal and child health, sexual and reproductive health and rights, immunization, human resources for health, malaria, mental health, health systems strengthening, community health, digital health, HIV, TB, non-communicable diseases, and the intersection of climate change and health.

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This is a key strength of the Trust, with a number of researchers and senior researchers with longstanding experience and qualifications in this area.

the Trust also has core strengths in clinical and biomedical research. This includes conducting research into the effect of different diagnostic strategies on improving access and quality on poor and vulnerable patients. The Trust also provides support to the National TB Control Programme in the development and implementation of national clinical surveys.

Health Communications is a pivotal aspect of our work, focusing on the strategic development and implementation of community-level communication initiatives.

Health Economics is a vital aspect of our work, encompassing the meticulous analysis of the cost-effectiveness of various development interventions

Epidemiology guides our research, examining patterns, causes, and impacts of health issues within populations

Advocacy and policy influence stand at the forefront of our mission. The research conducted by the Trust serves as a powerful tool to passionately advocate for equitable and pro-poor policies.

Grant management is an integral part of our operational excellence. With a keen focus on financial stewardship and accountability, we effectively secure, administer, and optimize multi-donor grants.

Our goal is to enhance community health systems by conducting research and implementing interventions that ensure equal access to high-quality, comprehensive primary care, promoting meaningful engagement and accountability.

In collaboration with government bodies, health professionals, and allied institutions, we design policies and deliver high-quality services to fortify resilient health systems. This includes integrating digital health technologies, ensuring our initiatives leverage innovation for improved patient care, streamlined processes, and effective data management.

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