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REACH Trust hosts Masters and PhD students to promote pro-poor and health equity research. In 2024, a Masters student will study“Viewing Disabilities Through a Malawian Context” to enhance health policy and practice in Malawi. Meet our first student for 2024:.

Hey there, my name is Johanna, a Master’s student at Vermont’s International Training Graduate Institute, USA. Right now, I am in Malawi conducting research on policy makers’ and implementers’ perceptions of disability and how these perceptions impact policies on health access and livelihood prospects for individuals living with disabilities..

The purpose of the research is to comprehend how people with disabilities are viewed in the urban and rural contexts in Malawi.

In order to better assist those who live with disabilities, this research tries to clarify how cultural and disability issues can affect the formulation and execution of government health access policies..

“I am grateful to REACH TRUST for hosting and supporting me throughout my research in Malawi.” – Johanna.