Bringing Kids To Care


Welcome to the collaborative initiative between the Coalition of Women Living with HIV and AIDS (COWLHA), Y-Plus, and the Research for Equity and Community Health (REACH) Trust, a project that is funded by Aidsfonds. This partnership aims to implement the “Bringing Kids to Care” project.


  • Enhance HIV testing, treatment, and adherence among children living with HIV.
  • Implement a comprehensive community intervention model.


  • Lead Partner: Coalition of Women Living with HIV and AIDS (COWLHA)
    • Executive Director: Ms. Edna Tembo
  • Consortium Partner: Research for Equity and Community Health (REACH) Trust
    • Executive Director: Mr. Kingsley Chikaphupha
  • Consortium Partner: Y-Plus


  • COWLHA assumes the role of the lead agency and administrative agent.
  • COWLHA will be the principal recipient of project funding.
  • REACH Trust will contribute to the project by conducting research and implementing specific activities.
  • Y-plus will  provide support and advocacy for young people who are living with HIV


  • Ongoing mentoring of staff in financial and program management.
  • Bi-annual meetings with implementing partners for activity review and planning.
  • Training health care providers using the Kids to Care Model.
  • Training mentor mothers for PMTCT and community health workers for door-to-door tracing, testing, and referral.