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Current Projects

Bringing Kids to Care (Jan 2024 - Dec 2025)

The "Bringing Kids to Care" project in Malawi will be executed by a coalition comprising COWLHA, REACH Trust, and Y-Plus. Comparable initiatives are expected to be implemented in Indonesia, Tanzania, and Zambia.

Mental Health project 2023

Collaborating with IWG, our initiative addresses critical gaps in youth mental health in Malawi. Focused on equity, we aim to understand, manage, and respond to mental health challenges for young people aged 15–24.

Previous Projects

TRIAGE 1 PLUS PROJECT, 2007-2015, Norwegian Heart and Lung Foundation

Triage Plus integrates adaptable combinations of disease recognition, health communication, treatment, and referral, implemented by community providers like grocery shops and health facilities. The project pilots this innovative approach, evaluating its potential to effectively address essential health service provision inequities for TB and HIV. It also included the health communication project.


Triage 2 Plus utilized a cluster randomized controlled open trial to assess the PAL strategy's effectiveness, involving community health volunteers. Implemented in Dowa and Ntchisi districts from 2014-2018, the PAL strategy improved TB and chronic airways disease management, addressing rural healthcare challenges. Spirometry clinics were established through collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Malawi, with financial support from LHL International, Norway.

The REACHOUT Program (2014-2017)

This is an ambitious international research project helping to understand and develop the role of close-to-community providers of health care in preventing, diagnosing, and treating major illnesses and health conditions in rural and urban areas in Africa and Asia. REACHOUT will use research to develop and share expertise to support community health workers and policymakers as they work together to improve health care services.


The study used action research to develop a sustainable district-level management strengthening intervention (MSI) in three districts. The goal was to empower DHMTs to analyze issues, create customized workplans, and enhance the health workforce and service delivery. Positive outcomes included improved information systems, increased reporting and supervision, enhanced staff performance, and heightened job satisfaction and confidence. Visit Perform2Scale << to know more.
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